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Huddersfield is a great place for business. But I am biased as it’s my home town and I’ve had the opportunity to work on many great marketing campaigns.

I’ve even created a Huddersfield SEO guide to help local businesses.

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Companies I’ve helped in Huddersfield

University of Huddersfield

I’ve spent over 5 years as the Web Content Officer at the University. Now I’m their SEO Officer and my job is to set the SEO strategy and train the marketing departments how to add SEO as part of their content workflow.

Throughout my time at Huddersfield I’ve done a lot of work in copywriting, SEO and analytics.

I’ve written the University of Huddersfield’s link tracking manual which is used across all marketing teams. The manual establishes best practice and guidance for tracking marketing campaigns (without the need to track personally identifiable information). Tracking this way allows marketers to identify which advertisers, websites and campaigns are performing well. And it’s an important part of delivering a good user experience for people who visit our website.

Here are some other projects I’ve worked on for Huddersfield

Pennine Academy of Dance

The Pennine Academy of Dance is a Huddersfield dance school.

Case study: How to evolve your homepage’s content to match your business’ growth.

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