Web analytics services

Analytics are important for a better web

Web analytics can tell you a lot about your website and how it’s performing.

For example you can see your most popular articles. That indicates what your visitors like reading, and so you can write more articles on the same topics. 

More articles about the topics your readers like reading, creates a better website. 

Analytics also tells you which web pages are performing badly. The pages with a high bounce rate or that visitors don’t spend a lot of time on. 

You could then use a heatmap tool such as Hotjar to see what part of the page is providing a bad user experience. 

Web analytics services

Here are some of the services I can help you with:

Looker studio – making dashboards

This is Google’s data visualisation tool. It’s brilliant at presenting web analytics in dashboards to give marketing teams confidence in data. No need to click around analytics wondering if you’re looking at the right report.

Using Google Analytics to improve web content

Best practice for link and campaign tracking