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Dear Friends,

Welcome to my free copywriting course – except it’s not really my course. You see I’ve not written the articles in this course, I’ve collected them. 


About this free copywriting course

You’re reading a collection of useful copywriting articles that I’ve saved from around the internet. Some of these articles formed the foundation of my own training, while others have challenged me throughout my career. But all are written by very smart and talented people.

The internet is full of brilliant advice but in what order should you read it? And what if you miss something? Will it all make sense?

The problem is the internet doesn’t have a logical thread, a path that takes you from where you are now to an experienced copywriter. That’s generally why paying for a course is worth it, because the information is organised and takes you on a copywriting journey.

However, if you read, learn and implement these articles then it should be like taking a copywriting course; that is my goal. What’s more, these articles are written by very smart people, so you know you’re learning from the best.

A note to Marketing Directors and Heads of Content

Grow and Convert have written a great article about how to hire writers. But what about if you inherit a team of writers, how do you train them to be copywriters?

I found myself in this position when I took on a role as Head of Content at a digital marketing agency. The content team consisted of non-writers with little direction and no experience in copywriting. Also, no one at the agency understood copywriting or content marketing (even management) yet the agency had been selling those services for years. Aye, it was a mess.

That’s why I’ve created this growing collection of ideas, articles and concepts for training copywriters. So in the future, I can share this page as part of my employee onboarding process – feel free to do the same.

Vancano’s free copywriting course

The mindset of a copywriter

    Headlines: Learn how to capture attention

    “Your headline is the first, and perhaps only, impression you make on a prospective reader. Without a compelling promise that turns a browser into a reader, the rest of your words may as well not even exist.”

    Magnetic Headlines,

    How to write introductions

    Write copy that engages readers to act

    Copywriting formulas

    New to digital marketing?

    If you’re new to digital marketing or running a business online then I recommend my digital foundations guide. It’s another free collection of articles that explain some of the foundations to doing business online. 


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