Are free SEO reports worth it? 

Most agencies offer a free SEO report in exchange for your contact details. It’s a lead generation technique that can be quite effective for the agency and their sales teams. 

But is a free SEO report worth it for you as a business owner? 

That all depends on the agency and how detailed their report is, who performs it and who you get to speak to. 

I can almost guarantee that the majority will be top line information anyone can pull from a free tool such as seoptimiser or Google lighthouse. These free SEO tools are great to have and use – Google lighthouse is an essential tool – just don’t be suckered in by a free audit.

You’ll probably speak to an account executive or a sales person who has had a bit of SEO training. Rather than a real SEO. These people are good at talking and selling.

Hire me for a real SEO report

I don’t offer free reports, though feel free to book an hour of my time if you’d like walking through Seoptimiser or Google lighthouse.

You can also hire me for a detailed SEO audit. I like to spend time understanding your business, website and what will actually benefit you. Then I run through a detailed checklist of onsite and offsite, technical and content related points to build a baseline of where your website is.

That report is then yours, to do with as you please. You can even take it to another company to implement, that’s cool with me.