Pay-monthly websites

Get a professional website without the upfront cost.

Perfect for:

  • Small business owners
  • University research centres and groups
  • Professionals who want to promote their CV or portfolio

Every business needs a digital home base.

A place where you’re in control.

Social media is great for meeting new customers and promoting your products. But, your business is at the mercy of the social media networks.

What happens if Facebook suspends your account or TikTok decides to charge businesses to reach its audience? (Facebook has already done this) Would you still be able to find customers and make sales?

That’s why you need a website hosted on a domain name you control, ideally with an email list for extra protection.

Together they form your digital home base and sit as the central hub that keeps your business online.

It’s not expensive or complicated to achieve either. 

And I can help.

My names Nate and I’m a senior content designer. That means, I make websites easy to understand and fix marketing problems by putting your users first.

And here’s the best part. Putting your users first will generate more sales and leads for you. 

That’s why I’m a perfect choice to build your website.

Enterprise expertise with small business knowledge

I’ve spent the past 7 years planning and structuring complex, enterprise websites that rank in search engines and generate leads.

That means I have the expertise to create a website for you that will engage your target audience.

Yet I also understand small business. 

For over 10 years my wife has run her own business, so I’ve seen first hand what it means to be a small business owner. Not only that but I’ve also built a number of websites for small businesses. Take a look at a few examples in my portfolio below.


Here are a few examples of website’s I’ve built.

MJ Bavis

Author website

Pennine Academy of Dance

Dance school

Worldbuilding School

Niche specialist website

Worldbuilding dotCo

Small business


Short story and writer website

Written In Love

Artist and small business website

Built using WordPress

WordPress is an industry standard content management system used by over 43%* websites worldwide. That means it’s tried, tested and robust.


Easy to edit with Gutenberg, WordPress’ visual site builder. 

Another advantage of WordPress is that it has a native visual site builder. This means you’ll find it easy to edit content or build new pages.

Pay-monthly website pricing

Everything you need to be found online.

Simple website



No setup fee

1 – 5 pages

Monthly back up

Brochure website



No setup fee

5+ pages

Daily back up

Included in all plans

Bespoke website plan, structure and design.

Most people don’t have a plan, and so their website grows organically eventually becoming bloated, lopsided or simply aimless.

You aren’t most people.

I will build a solid website architecture around relevant topics and your user’s journey.

Search Engine Optimisation

At it’s core SEO is about people because search engines want to help humans complete the job they came to do. My job is to position you as the company who can solve their problems.

I do this by understanding your customers, discover the language and keywords they use to search and then match the content on your website to their search intent.

I’ll optimise your website so it solves your customers problems and so ranks well in search engines.

Fast website hosting

Website hosting is included as part of the pay-monthly price.

Unlimited updates (CMS)

WordPress is the industry standard platform for building websites. It’s very easy to use, so you’ll be able to easily login and make unlimited changes to text and images.

WordPress hardening and security updates

No need to worry about security. All of my pay-monthly website packages come with a hardened WordPress setup. This means I take technical steps to keep your website safe.

In addition, every month I monitor and update plugins, themes and WordPress so your site is running on the latest secure versions.

Site backup – monthly or daily

Depending on your chosen package, my system will back up your website either monthly or daily. That way I have a recent copy of your site should it be needed.

Mobile, tablet and desktop ready

Your website will work across mobile, tablet and desktop devices. So you look good however your users visit you.

You don’t need a web designer, you need a content designer

Someone who understands how people use websites, what search engines want, and how to engage with people who need your service. 

A bespoke, custom designed website can set you back anywhere from £10,000 to £50,000 or more. There’s a time and place to spend that kind of money on a website. But if you’re a small business or an organisation with limited funding, chances are now is not that time.

With the rise of modern visual site editors, and especially the release of Guttenberg, it means you don’t need a web designer to custom code a website theme for you. Most WordPress themes look great and can be modified for a fraction of the cost. What’s more, the website will still be unique to you.

But DIY building a website takes time, energy and learning. All things your business needs as well.

So using my pay-monthly website service will fix both problems for you.