Can you do social media marketing for my business?

Gosh no. I’d get bored and neglect your profiles.

Sorry, even if you’re an existing client and I like you, I’m not interested in managing social media marketing. I do know a few people who are good at it though, I’ve linked to them at the bottom of this page.

I’m very good at and interested in these related areas:

But, there are some things I do for social media.

Whenever I write an article I’ll always include at least 3 posts you can use to promote the article. If our contract includes creating graphics for each article, then it will usually include social versions of the graphics too.

Tracking and analytics

I’m happy to set up tracking and analyze how traffic is coming to your site from social media. Whether paid or non-paid posts. This I am very interested in. But, I won’t sit and do social media management.

Here’s who I recommend for social media marketing

Peanut Designs

Laura at Peanut Designs has been a LONG time friend and collaborator. She’s a graphic designer by trade who also does social media.

In recent years Peanut Designs has focused on social media marketing for Churches. So if you’re a Church and in need of help with your social graphics or content, get in touch with Laura.