Digital marketing for Higher Education, Research and Academics

Whether you need a website for your research centre or a content designer to unpick a complex web project, I can help.

Website design for Research Centres

Build an online home base to grow your research.

No doubt your university provides a web page or small site for your research centre on the university’s website. But there comes a time when the public or your funding body wants to see something more.

That’s when you need your own website hosted on a separate domain name, with the features that will help you. What’s more, having a dedicated website for your research will allow you to establish an identity that people and funders recognise.

It’s not expensive or complicated to achieve either. 

And I can help.

My names Nate and I’m a senior content designer. That means, I make websites easy to understand and I’ve spent over 7 years working in the web team for a UK university. I’m used to working with research groups and academics.

That’s why I’m a perfect choice to build your website.